Foreign students ‘six force’ graduated from The Lotus Buddhist Ashram

Poster:Post date:2014-02-26
Huafan University and Lotus Buddhist Ashram were created by the Master Hsiao Yun, February 25, The Ashram is six foreign students from Sri Lanka and Vietnam held a graduation ceremony, the University President Zhu, Dean of Teaching Affairs Luo and Dean of General Affairs Cheng was invited to the ceremony.

The six students
' Dharma name are Carry force, ashamed force, bearing force, Dharma force, Fiscal force and body force.

President Chu praised these students have learned Chinese culture with many talents; Professor Luo hope everyone should understand the true meaning of thanksgiving,
Professor Cheng, Dean of General Affairs affirmed the achievement of internationalization of The Lotus Buddhist Ashram, also hope the students return home after the widely introduction Huafan universities and Buddhist Ashram, so that the international community more interested Buddha’s to Taiwan to study Buddhism.

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