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Evergreen Campus of HuaFan university

Environmental Protection and Eternal Management of Evergreen Campus Located in Shihding and surrounded by the beautiful natural resources of Ta Lun Mountains, Huafan is renowned for being the university in the woods. The students of Huafan are blessed with serenity and reside in a learning environment. Being far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, students can immerse themselves in a quiet and peaceful forest-like environment, whereas professors can devote themselves to research and education. Although natural landscape is considered one of the inviting features at Huafan, it is also of paramount importance to pay attention to the sustainability of our slope land. For such a unique issue, Huafan has implemented an ambitious eternal environmental protection pledge. This is to ensure full security of slope land as well as a long-term investment on environmental education.
The Sustainable Development Research Center of Slope Land, the Environmental Protection and Professional Security and Public Health Team at the office of General Affairs, and the Department of Environmental Hazards-Resistant Design are three units in charge of observing Issues such as climate change, wind and rain precipitation, water reservation, and landslide to ensure campus security and to prevent natural disaster. In addition, this fenceless campus embraces the forest and the valley as natural guards. Following by the four seasonal changes, members of Huafan community learn much from our Mother Nature.
The university has set up six scenic areas and thirty idyllic sites, mixing education with natural delights. These are designed to inspire students’ understanding of life as a whole thereby nurturing a heart of gratitude as well as cherishment. Moreover, Huafan’s environmental working site is equipped with food waste disposer, water purifier, wastewater treatment facilities. Environmental Protection at Huafan is facilitated through daily life learning. With appropriate treatment of daily disposals, we hope to show that Huafan shares the blessing prosperity with nature and to demonstrate our resolution for protecting environmental resources and for promoting ecological equilibrium.


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